Perspective: State of The Global Climate | 24 April, 2023

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The last eight years were, from 2015 to 2022 were the hottest on record worldwide… This as per the State of the Global Climate 2022 report by the World Meteorological Organization, which makes some worrying revelations about record-high temperatures, melting glaciers and rising pollution.It says, the global mean temperature in 2022 was 1.15 degrees Celsius above the 1850-1900 average. 2022 was the 5th or 6th warmest year. This was despite three consecutive years of a cooling La Niña – such a “triple-dip” La Niña has happened only three times in the past 50 years.As greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and the climate continues to change, populations worldwide continue to be gravely impacted by extreme weather and climate events. As many as 95 million people have been displaced due to extreme weather events, as per the report.In Perspective, we take a closer look at the key findings of the WMO report, and what accelerated action is needed to mitigate the crisis.

1- Dr. Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Director General, India Meteorological Department, Government of India
2- C.K. Mishra, Former Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India

Anchor: Teena Jha
Producer:- Pardeep Kumar
Production: Surender Sharma
Guest Team: Vishwa Pratap Singh, Anshuman
Research: Balbir Singh Gulati
PCR Team: Asutosh Jha, Sanjeev Gupta, Rakesh Nayak

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