Perspective: Safeguarding Cultural Heritage | 26 July, 2023

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A parliamentary panel has recommended setting up a “dedicated cultural heritage squad” for the recovery of stolen antiquities.


The department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture said this in a report tabled in both Houses of Parliament on Monday.


In its “Three Hundred Forty Eighth Report on the subject ‘Heritage Theft – The Illegal Trade in Indian Antiquities and the Challenges of Retrieving and Safeguarding Our Tangible Cultural Heritage’”, the committee suggested that the government could set up a “multi-departmental task force” to speed up the retrieval process.


The task force, as recommended by the committee, should include senior officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs for police and investigation, Ministry of External Affairs (for coordination with foreign governments), the Archaeological Survey of India, along with senior scholars and experts.






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