Perspective: Mera Yuva Bharat | 02 November, 2023

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi  launched ‘Mera Yuva Bharat  or MY Bharat platform for youth of the country on October 31st, at Kartavya Path on the National Unity Day. In a momentous decision on October 11, 2023, the Union Cabinet gave its approval for the establishment of an autonomous body known as “Mera Yuva Bharat. Mera Yuva Bharat (MY Bharat)’ is envisioned as a pivotal, technology-driven facilitator for youth development and youth-led development, with the overarching goal of providing equitable opportunities to empower the youth in realizing their aspirations and contributing to the creation of a “Viksit Bharat”.  It envisions a framework where the youth of our country can seamlessly connect with programs, mentors, and their local communities. This engagement is designed to deepen their understanding of local issues and empower them to contribute to constructive solutions.



  1. Akash Jha, Secretary, Youth 20 (G20)
  2. Pragati, Archer
  3. Urvashi Prasad, Director, Niti Aayog


Anchor: Kriti Mishra

Producer: Surender Sharma

Technical Team: Ashutosh Jha, Sandeep Handa , Rakesh Nayak

Guest Team: Paras Kandpal, Deepti Vashishth


Producer and Anchor: Pawan Kumar Sharma

Camera: Mahavir Singh, Pankaj Sood

Camera Asstt.: Ram Prakash Verma

Video Editor: Yogender Singh

Graphics: Rajesh Burnwal


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