Perspective - Indian Economy: Surging Ahead | 04 November, 2023

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India’s economy has scripted a remarkable story over the past decade. Ten years ago, India was considered to be one among the Fragile Five economies- a cause of concern for other nations. In a turnaround that made the world sit up and take notice like never before, India- in September 2022- surpassed the UK to become the fifth largest global economy.

According to a recent report by S&P Global Market Intelligence, India is poised to overtake Japan and Germany to become the world’s third-largest economy by 2030. India’s GDP is expected to rise to 7.3 trillion USD by the end of this decade, says the report, and it will emerge as the second largest economy in the Asia-Pacific region.

With the Indian economy surging ahead, the implications have been felt across domains, from India’s social fabric to its innovation ecosystem, and from its manufacturing prowess to its stature on the global stage. India’s rise as an economic powerhouse has been lauded by bodies like the International Monetary Fund, which has called the country a hotspot for investment and opportunity.



  1. Rajiv Biswas, Asia Pacific Chief Economist with S&P Global Market
  2. Prof Ram Singh, Director, Delhi School of Economics


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