Perspective - Bharat: The Mother of Democracy | 10 October, 2023

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The 9th G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit, Parliament 20, will be held this week in New Delhi from 12th to 14th of October.

Parliament 20 or the P20 as it’s called is an engagement group headed by the Parliamentary speakers of G20 countries. It aims at bringing a parliamentary dimension to global governance. The theme of the P20 this year is Parliaments for One Earth, One Family, One Future.

The P20 Summit will have four sessions. An exhibition namely Mother of Democracy is also being organized to highlight India’s ancient and participative democratic traditions.

Democracy is an age-old concept in India. Indian democracy comprises the values of harmony, freedom, acceptability, equality, and inclusivity in society enabling a dignified life for all citizens.

On this broadcast, we’ll try to understand from experts the democratic ethos in Bharat from the ancient era to the present times with instances from various texts, religions, hymns and epics and how the future generations can be inspired to cherish this timeless ethos.


  1. Prof. Shashiprabha Kumar, Distinguished Fellow, VIF
  2. Prof. Heeraman Tiwari, Chairperson, Centre for Historical Studies, JNU


Producer: Surender Sharma

Anchor: Teena Jha

Technical Team: Ashok Babu Jha, Hem Joshi, Kailash Khanduri

Guest Team: Paras Kandpal, Vinod Kumar Singh


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