Perspective: The Weapons of Mass Destruction & their Delivery Systems Amendment Bill, 2022

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External affairs minister S Jaishankar tabled a bill in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday that seeks to prevent the financing of prohibited activities related to nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. The Weapons of Mass Destruction and their Delivery Systems (Prohibition of Unlawful Activities) Amendment Bill, 2022 amends a 17-yr-old law, enacted in 2005. Introducing the Bill, the External Affairs minister said it is in our national interest. It’ll boost national security and strengthen India’s credentials and global image. In Perspective today, we’ll talk about the amendment bill, what changes it will bring about to the 2005 Act, what are its provisions that aim to curb financing of prohibited activities related to weapons of mass destruction, and most importantly how will it boost national security.

1. Dr Rajiv Nayan, Senior Research Associate, MPIDSA
2. Dr. Sheel Kant Sharma, Former SG, SAARC
3. Lt. Gen Vinod Bhatia (Retd.), Former Director General of Military Operations (DGMO), Indian Army

Anchor- Teena Jha
Producer- Pradeep Kumar, Sagheer Ahmad

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