Perspective: SCO Summit 2022 | 14 September, 2022

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In this episode of the Perspective Prog. Based on ‘SCO Summit 2022’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting Samarkand in Uzbekistan to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit on 15th & 16th of September. The 22nd Meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the SCO is the first in-person summit since 2019, wherein the leaders are expected to review the organization’s activities over the past two decades and also discuss the state and prospects of multilateral cooperation in the future. Besides, some important issues of regional and global importance are also likely to be taken up. On the sidelines of the summit, Prime Minister Modi will also hold a few bilateral meetings with the Presidents of Russia & Uzbekistan. Whether he’ll be meeting the Chinese President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan is a question on which there’s no official word, but it’ll be after a long time that all these leaders will be at the same venue in person for a summit meeting. So what’s on the agenda of the SCO Summit 2022? Some significant outcomes of the in-person summit this year and related aspects on this edition of ‘Perspective’.

1. Manjeev Singh Puri, Former Ambassador
2. Pramit Pal Chaudhuri, Foreign Affairs Editor, Hindustan Times
3. Alok Bansal, Director, India Foundation

Anchor: Teena Jha
Producer: Sagheer Ahmad

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