Perspective: Saving The Tiger | 06 January, 2022

In this episode of the Perspective Prog. based on ‘Saving The Tiger’. India has registered biggest margin of drop in tiger numbers in a decade in the year 20221. 127 big cats have fallen prey to everything from poachers and accidents to natural causes with man-animal conflict last year. India is home to a third of the global tiger population and the country’s success in saving the big cat is crucial to global efforts to protect their numbers. India was the first country in the world to champion the cause of conservation of the tiger and its natural habitats. Project Tiger, launched in 1973, was one of the largest conservation initiatives of its kind globally. At present, India has around 75% of tiger population and its source areas amongst the 13 tiger range countries in the world. 2.24% of country’s geographical area is spread out in 51 tiger reserves in 18 States. In today’s episode we will discuss various issues related to Tiger conservation such as Habitat and loss of prey species, hunting, poaching, illegal trade, conflict with humans and effects of climate change.

1. Dr. S. P. Yadav, ADGF, Project Tiger & Member Secretary, National Tiger Conservation Authority, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
2. Ashwika Kapur, Science Communicator and Filmmaker
3. Ashok Pai, Former Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Uttarakhand

Anchor: Vishal Dahiya

Producer: Sagheer Ahmad

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