Perspective: Overcoming Policing Challenges | 23 January, 2023

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In this episode of the Perspective Prog. Based on ‘Overcoming Policing Challenges’. There is need to make the police forces more sensitive and train them in emerging technologies. That was what Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized on at the 57th All-India Conference of Director Generals & Inspector Generals of Police. At the three-day conference, the Prime Minister also recommended repealing obsolete criminal laws and building standards for police organisations across states. To improve jail management, the Prime Minister suggested prison reforms. Besides, he also discussed strengthening of border and coastal security by organising frequent visits of officials. Emphasising on the importance of National Data Governance Framework, the Prime Minister said it will help in smoothing of data exchange across agencies. Held in hybrid format, the conference also discussed a wide range of issues such as cyber crime, counter terrorism challenges, left wing extremism, capacity building, futuristic themes in policing and security etc.

Anchor:- Teena Jha
Producer:- Sagheer Ahmad
Guest Coordinator:- Anshuman, Vishwa Pratap Singh

1. Somesh Goyal, Former DGP, Himachal Pradesh
2. O.P. Singh, Former DGP, Uttar Pradesh
3. Dr. Surat Singh, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court

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