Perspective: NATO’s Expansion | 20 May, 2022

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On the show today we’re going to talk about NATO’s expansion. After weeks of debate and deliberations, Finland and Sweden formally applied for membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, this week. Official applications were handed over by their ambassadors to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who hailed it as a historic moment. U.S. President Joe Biden called Finland and Sweden’s decision to join NATO a ‘watershed moment in European security’. In a meeting with the Prime Minister of Sweden & the President of Finland on Thursday, Joe Biden said, having two new NATO members in the high north will enhance the security of the alliance. Surprisingly, the Nordic nations’ bid to join NATO faces stiff opposition, not from Russia, but one of the alliance members, Turkey. Without the support of all NATO members, Sweden & Finland cannot join the military alliance. So why is Turkey opposing the entry of the two Scandinavian countries into the alliance?
How is Russia responding to NATO enlargement – something which it cited as provocative leading to its invasion of Ukraine? How will Sweden & Finland benefit from NATO membership, and the other way round, how will their entries into the alliance strengthen NATO?
We’ll be getting ‘Perspectives’ on some of these aspects

1- Manoj Joshi, Distinguished Fellow, ORF
2- Prabhu Dayal, Former Ambassador
3- Elisabeth Braw, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, Washington DC

Anchor: Teena Jha

Producer: Surender Sharma

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