Perspective: Inequality in India | 19 May, 2022

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On the show today we will talk about the State of Inequality in India Report which was released on Wednesday, 18th May by Dr Bibek Debroy, Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister. Written by the Institute for Competitiveness, the report presents an analysis of the depth and nature of inequality in India. It compiles information on inequities across sectors of health, education, household characteristics and the labour market. While releasing the report, Dr Bibek Debroy said, Iequality is an emotive issue. It is also an empirical issue, since definition and measurement are both contingent on the metric used and data available, including its timeline”. He added that to reduce poverty and enhance employment, since May 2014, the Union Government has introduced a variety of measures interpreting inclusion as the provision of basic necessities, measures that have enabled India to withstand the shock of the Covid-19 Pandemic better. However, there are some indicators on which a lot of progress is to be made to reduce the prevailing inequities.
To discuss some of the vital findings of the report and how will they help in formulating reform strategies going forth is something we will discuss on the programme today.

1- Prof Amit Kapoor, Honorary Chairman, Institute for Competitiveness
2- Prof. Charan Singh, CEO, EGROW Foundation
3- Subhomoy Bhattacharjee, Consulting Editor, The Business Standard

Anchor: Teena Jha
Producer: Surender Sharma

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