Perspective: Imploding Pakistan | 11 November, 2022

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In this episode of the Perspective Prog. Based on ‘Imploding Pakistan’. Pakistan has a history of Prime Ministers disqualified, assassinated, hanged and military dictators overthrowing democratically elected governments. In fact, it has been almost impossible for Pakistani politicians to become prime ministers and then remain in office without the military’s support. Pakistan’s military has always had the upper hand in matters of how the country should be run. A lot has happened in Pakistan in the recent past starting with Imran Khan voted out of power through a no-confidence motion in April this year. He started a protest march to Islamabad last month after his party won the crucial by elections to several seats. One week into his haqiqi azadi march, marked by rallies, Imran was shot thrice by a gunman in Wazirabad. He blamed Pakistan PM, Home Minister and senior army officials for attempt on his life. Meanwhile Army chief Gen Qamar Bajwa’s retirement and choosing his successor has become another contentious issue. So what is the current situation in Pakistan and how are things likely to proceed.

1. Maj Gen (Retd.) Dhruv C. Katoch, Director, India Foundation
2. Sanjay K. Bhardwaj, Chairperson, Centre for South Asian Studies, School of International Studies, JNU
3. Prabhu Dayal, Former Ambassador

Anchor: Vishal Dahiya
Producer: Sagheer Ahmad
Guest Coordinator: Anshuman, Vishwa Pratap Singh

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