Perspective: G20 Summit - Key Takeaways | 16 November, 2022

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In this episode of the Perspective Prog. Based on ‘G20 Summit: Key Takeaways’. 17th G20 Summit on Wednesday reaffirmed its commitment to address global economic challenges. In a declaration adopted at the end of the two-day summit, the G20 leaders said cooperation is necessary for global economic recovery, tackling global challenges and laying the foundation for strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth. Most members strongly condemned the war in Ukraine adopting in their declaration Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s words used earlier in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Today’s era must not be of war. The declaration also expresses the commitment of member countries for more fruitful collaboration on issues such as Food security, climate change, health, digital ecosystem, Funds for poor countries and supply chain issues. Indonesian President also handed over the G20 Presidency to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India’s G20 presidency begining on 1st December has ‘One Earth One Family One Future’ as its theme. PM Modi also held bilateral discussions with world leaders on the sidelines of this summit. So what are the key takeaways from the Bali summit of G20 and what cam we look forward in the next year.

Anchor:- Vishal Dahiya
Producer:- Sagheer Ahmad
Guest Coordinator:- Anshuman, Vishwa Pratap Singh

1. Skand Tayal, Former Ambassador
2. Dr. A. Subramanyam Raju, Dean, International Relations, Pondicherry University
3. Rajani Sinha, Chief Economist, CareEdge Group

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