Perspective: East Asia Summit

In this episode of the Perspective Prog. based on East Asia Summit. The East Asia Summit is the Indo-Pacific’s premier forum for strategic dialogue at which all key partners meet to discuss political, security and economic challenges facing the Indo-Pacific. This forum has an important role to play in advancing closer regional cooperation. There are 18 members including the ten ASEAN countries along with Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Russia and the United States. In 2020 EAS members represented 54 per cent of the world’s population and accounted for 62 per cent of global GDP worth an estimated US$52.3 trillion. India participated, as a founding member, in the inaugural East Asia Summit held in Kuala Lumpur on 14 December 2005. Since then this forum has played a significant role in the strategic and geopolitical evolution of East Asia. It is also an important platform for furthering practical cooperation in the Indo-Pacific by building upon the convergence between ASEAN Outlook on Indo-Pacific and Indo-Pacific Ocean’s Initiative. At the 16th East Asia Summit held on Wednesday, Leaders discussed matters of regional and international interest and concern including maritime security, terrorism, and Covid-19 cooperation.

1. Sheel Kant Sharma, Former Ambassador
2. CDR (Retd.) Anil Jai Singh, Vice President, Indian Maritime Foundation
3. Dr. Sreeram Chaulia, Foreign Affairs Expert

Anchor: Vishal Dahiya

Producer: Amit Srivastav, Sagheer Ahmad

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