Perspective: China's New Border Law

In this episode of the Perspective Prog. based on China’s New Border Law. China has recently enacted a new law related to its border security management. The Land Border Law passed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China aims to standardise how China patrols its massive 22,100 km land boundaries and borders with 14 countries including India. This law was first proposed in March 2021 and will now come into effect by January 1, 2022. India has expressed concern over this issue. saying China’s unilateral decision to bring about a legislation can have implication on existing bilateral arrangements on border management as well as on the boundary question. Responding to media queries on this External Affairs Ministry spokesperson also said that such unilateral move will have no bearing on the arrangements that both sides have already reached earlier, whether it is on the Boundary Question or for maintaining peace and tranquillity along the LAC in India-China Border areas. India also said that it expect China will avoid undertaking action under the pretext of this law which could unilaterally alter the situation in the India-China border areas.

1. Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Dhruv C. Katoch, Director, India Foundation
2. Suresh K. Goel, Former Ambassador
3. Prof. Srikanth Kondapalli, Center for East Asian Studies, SIS, JNU

Anchor: Vishal Dahiya

Producer: Amit Srivastav, Sagheer Ahmad

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