Healthy India : Influenza cases see a spurt | 15 March, 2023

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Currently, strains of influenza virus, H1NI, also known as swine flu, and H3N2 viruses are circulating. As per government data, over 3000 laboratory-confirmed cases of various subtypes of Influenza, including H3N2, have been reported till 9th March. The numbers may have slightly increased as more cases of H3N2 have been confirmed over the last few days. At least three deaths have been reported due to the H3N2 influenza virus. What is causing the spread of this virus? What precautionary measures we should take to keep the infection at bay?

Doctor: DR. Pragya Sharma, Director, ANIIMS Port Blair

: Dr Karan Madan, Additional Professor, Pulmonary Critical Care & Sleep

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