Committee Report | Promotion & Regulation of E-Commerce | 23 June, 2022

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The e-commerce industry has evolved and attained a foothold in the Indian market and picked up a significant momentum during the past few years. The rapid proliferation of the digital economy has led to growth of e-commerce industry at a rapid pace which was further accelerated by compulsions on account of COVID-19. With attractive and convenient shopping options at the core of the consumer-facing business, the e-commerce industry also offers the power to create an innovative, sustainable, consistent and seamless shopping experience across all channels. The rise of e-commerce in India, however, has not been without problems.


1. Thakur Jugalsinh Lokhandwala, Rajya Sabha MP & Member, Committee on Commerce

2. Thomas Fenn, Member, NRAI Managing Committee

3. Deepanshu Manchanda, Co-Founder & CEO, ZappFresh


Video- Mukhtar Ali

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