Committee Report | Implementation of Sagarmala Projects |09 June, 2022

India is blessed with a 7500 km long coastline touching nine states and four Union Territories and a vast network of potentially navigable waterways. 12 Major Ports and more than 200 Non-Major Ports are situated along India‟s coastline and the country is located on key international trade routes on the Indian Ocean. Sagarmala, the flagship programme of the government is the maritime equivalent of the Golden Quadrilateral network of highways and India‟s most ambitious maritime modernization programme aiming to harness the potential of India‟s maritime resources for accelerating economic development in the country.

Bharat Margani, M.P, Lok Sabha, YSRCP,

Rahul Modi, Managing Director,Pushpak Logistics Pvt Ltd

Capt. Anil Kishore Singh, CEO, Adani Inland Waterways


Video Editor- Chandan

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