Committee Report : DEFENCE PROCUREMENT IN INDIA | 12 May, 2022

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The Standing Committee on Defence presented the Twenty-eighth Report on Demands for Grants of the Ministry of Defence for the year 2022-23 on ‘Capital Outlay on Defence Services, Procurement Policy, Defence Planning . The policy for procurement of Defence equipment for the Armed Forces aims to ensure timely procurement of military equipment, systems and platforms as required by the Armed Forces in terms of performance capabilities and quality standards, through optimum utilisation of allocated budgetary resources. The policy also seeks to ensure that the highest degree of probity, public accountability, transparency, fair competition and level-playing field are achieved in the process of procurement.

Video Editor- Chandan

1-Kunwar Danish Ali, MP Lok Sabha BSP
2-Lt Gen (Retd.) Sanjay Kulkarni, Defence Expert
3-Mukesh Bhargava, Chairman, Defence Innovators Industry Association

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