Perspective: Indo-Pacific in Focus | 18 November, 2023

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India is an ancient maritime nation and home to some of the oldest sea ports in the world. For millennia, our people have travelled across the vast oceans carrying with them goods, ideas and religion, and establishing civilizational links criss-crossing across the globe. With its 7500 km long coastline and 1200 islands, India has had an enduring maritime tradition and a wide maritime footprint.India’s holistic approach towards shaping a stable maritime order is reflected in the vision of ‘SAGAR’, which stands for ‘Security and Growth for All in the Region’. In 2018, at the Shangrila Dialogue in Singapore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke of the Indo-Pacific region as a natural region extending from the shores of East Africa to the Western Pacific, where the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean flow in a seamless continuum. Recently, the 5 th edition of the Indo Pacific Regional Dialogue (IPRD) was held at Manekshaw Centre, New Delhi, with the broad theme “Geopolitical impacts upon Indo-Pacific Maritime Trade and Connectivity”.



  1. Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (Retd), Former Head of India’s Western Naval Command
  2. CDR (Retd.) Anil Jai Singh, Vice President, Indian Maritime Foundation


Anchor: Rini Choudhury

Producer: Surender Sharma

Technical Team: Ashutosh Jha, Sanjeev Gupta, Nitin, Syed Farhat Ali, Rishi Chauhan, Braja, Shivaji

Guest Team: Deepti Vashishth, Vinod Kumar Singh


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