Perspective: India's G20 Presidency | 22 November, 2023

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired the Virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit on 22nd November, 2023. Invitees included leaders of all G20 members, including the Chair of the African Union, as well as nine guest countries and heads of 11 international organisations. At the closing session of the Leaders’ Summit held in the national capital on 10 th September, the Prime Minister had put forth the suggestion for a virtual Summit towards the end of India & 39;s G20 presidency period. This Virtual Summit marks a key milestone, since no other G20 presidency has witnessed a physical meeting of all the leaders, as well as a virtual one. The objective is to take forward the guidance provided by participating leaders in their interventions, and also give an impetus to implementing the outcomes of the New Delhi



  1. Dr. Sreeram Chaulia, Foreign Affairs Expert,
  2. Yogesh Gupta, Former Ambassador

Anchor: Rini Choudhary

#g20  #primeministernarendramodi  #VirtualG20Leaders’Summit


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