Aapka Kanoon : What are the rights of credit card holders? | Credit Card Fraud and Your Legal Rights

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Has it ever happened to you that suddenly someone withdraws money from your bank…and you don’t even know about it…you must have heard from many people that they got a call asking for information related to their account Went and within a short time the money was gone from his account. Not only this, many times money is withdrawn from your debit card without being stolen….the question is that when you have your debit or credit card…then who is doing burglary in your account…? Such cases of banking frauds have become common these days… If the data of any website, platform or merchant gets hacked, then your details can also be leaked… As a result, hackers clean their hands on your vehicle earnings. …? After all, how does this fraud happen and if you are a victim of it, then what are your rights, what is the responsibility of the bank in this, this issue of your law will talk about credit card, debit card fraud.

Anchor & Producer – Amrita Chaurasia

Video Editor – Rajesh Singh

Graphics – Rupesh

1. Abhijit Mishra , Advocate, Supreme Court of India

2. Amit Dubey, Data Technology Expert

3. Khushbu Jain, Advocate , Cyber ​​Security Laws

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