To The Point : Dr S Somanath, Director, VSSC, ISRO

In this episode of To The Point, Dr Shashi Tharoor interviews Dr. S Somanath, Director, VSSC (VIKRAM SARABHAI SPACE CENTRE), ISRO Dr. Somanath gives a lucid account of how his father (a HIndi teacher) initiated him into his passion of Space Research and how a mechanical engineer went on to head one of India’s premiere space and rocket science institutes. Dr Somanath calls India’s PSLV Programme the game changer for the country’s Space Research. He also lays out how India has been striving very hard to get more and more self reliant in the field of Space Technology. Dr Tharoor also asks Dr Somanath about India’s Human Space Mission the Gaganyaan. In an engrossing part , Dr Somanath also talks about India’s unsuccessful effort to land Chandrayaan II on the Moon. Dr Somanth talks about the exciting prospect of ISRO and private players working in tandem for futur space missions and ways adopted by ISRO to recruit Space Scientists.

Producers: Rajiv Kumar Singh, Surendra Kumar

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