The Lawmakers : Rama Devi, Lok Sabha MP, Sheohar, BJP | 04 April, 2023

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Rama Devi is one of the senior most MPs in Lok Sabha. She is elected from Sheohar Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar. In her conversation with Akhilesh Suman, she analyses the role of politicians and bureaucracy, the situation in Bihar, about her contribution in Parliament, and her demands to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also about impact of welfare schemes of the centre. She speaks about politics, the role of opposition and also on why there is a need to run the proceedings of Parliament. A down to earth leader says come to politics only if you have some thoughts in mind. She has been four times MP in Lok Sabha and had also been once elected as a member in Bihar Legislative Assembly.

Guest: Rama Devi, Lok Sabha MP, Sheohar, BJP

Host: Akhilesh Suman
Cameraperson: Sudhanshu Bhushan Sahoo
Video Editor: Shahid

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