The Global Debate: Counterterrorism & Emerging Threats | 26 November, 2022

Sansad TV
26/11, 2022 – the 14th anniversary of the Mumbai terror attack, in which 166 people were killed.
As we pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the dastardly attack, justice eludes them and their families as the perpetrators of the orchestrated attack are still at large – protected under political shadow.
As per the 2022 Global Terrorism Index report, the number of terror attacks increased by 17% to 5,226, with South Asia recording more than 1800 deaths in 2021 alone.
The use of new and emerging technologies has further complicated the threat. In the face of this evolving threat, what coordinated efforts are being undertaken to counter terrorism in its different manifestations and combat terror financing? International experts share their views on The Global Debate.

Anchor & Producer: Teena Jha
Production Incharge: Aruna Thakur
Guest Coordination: Deepti Vashishth, Manoj Gupta

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