The Budget Session 'Impactful Moments' | 21 February, 2024

The Budget Session ‘Impactful Moments’ | 21 February, 2024

Parliament’s Budget Session 2024 — the last session of the 17th Lok Sabha before the general polls — concluded on Saturday, February 10. The budget session, which began on January 31, was to conclude on February 9. However, it was extended by a day. This being the first Session of the year, the President addressed both Houses of Parliamentassembled together in terms of Article 87(1) of the Constitution, on 31st January, 2024. Motion Of Thanks on the President’s Address in Lok Sabha was moved by Dr. Heena Vijaykumar Gavit and seconded by Prof. S.P. Singh Baghel. This item engaged the Lok Sabha for 15 Hrs 28minutes against allotted 12 Hours. In Rajya Sabha it was moved by Ms. Kavita Patidar and seconded by Shri Vivek Thakurand the item engaged the House for 15 hours 7 mins against allotted 14 hours. The Motions of Thanks were discussed and adopted after a reply from the Hon’ble Prime Minister by the two Houses. 117 Members in Lok Sabha and 57 Members in Rajya Sabha participated in the discussion on the subject.

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