State of Indian Economy | 10 December, 2023

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India has become 5th largest economy in eight years. India’s second quarter growth is the highest in the world. The manufacturing sector registered its highest growth of 13.9% in Q2FY24. One of the important parliamentary devices available to members to draw the attention of the Government to matters of urgent public importance is to raise a discussion of short duration without a formal motion or vote thereon.  The Chairman decides the admissibility of the notice. The Business Advisory Committee normally selects the subject for discussion and also allocates the time therefor. The Chairman may allow such time not exceeding two and a half hours for holding such discussion. A short duration discussion on the economic situation in the country saw riveting speeches and interventions from both the Treasury and opposition benches. The discussion commenced on December 5th and culminated on December 7th.


Anchor/ Producer- Kriti Mishra

Video Editor- Fahad, Anil

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