Sansad TV Special Report: Relationship Between Organs Of Government | 15 January 2023

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For articulating the aspirations of People there are three organs of a government – the legislature which makes the laws, the exccutive which implements them, and the judiciary which interprets laws and decides disputes. The organs of the government are so structured that they can adequately perform the functions required of them. The Constitution lays down the structure and defines, delimits and demarcates the role and functions of every organ of the State including the judiciary and establishes norms for their inter-relationships, checks and balances.The doctrine of separation of powers implies that each pillar of democracy – the executive, legislature and the judiciary – perform separate functions and act as separate entities.

Anchor/Producer- Kriti
Video Editor- Shahid

Music Courtesy: Epicness cleanmindsounds
: Epic Cinematic Inspiring Trailer Alex Che
: War Orchestraman

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