Sansad TV Special Report: New India New Energy | 19 February, 2023

Sansad TV
Huge quantities of crude oil and refined petroleum products are transported by ships between production sites, refineries and points of consumption. Kochi Refinery, one of the most versatile Refineries of the Maharatna Bharat Petroleum embarked on its journey in 1966 with a capacity of 50,000 barrels per day. Today, Kochi Refinery is not only the largest PSU Refinery, but also a world class Refinery, equipped to produce niche Petrochemical products.
Kochi Refinery is capable of continuous run days of units without affecting product availability.
The units can be operated in different modes to suit product requirements as the market demands.

Reporter & Producer – Kriti
Camera – Junaid, Jitendra
Camera Assistant – Pradeep
Video Editor- Chandan

Music Courtesy: Fear MorningLightMusic
: Epic Cinematic 2-16379-RFR OrangeHead

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