Sansad TV Special Report: Inside AADHAAR-World’s Largest Biometric ID System | 30 October, 2022

Sansad TV
Aadhaar has spread to all spheres of life. The UIDAI data centre is an infrastructure of critical importance and is protected accordingly with high technology, conforming to the best standards of security. The Aadhaar data is stored, kept and processed only on the UIDAI servers within its data centre. No Aadhaar data has ever been kept, stored or processed outside the UIDAI data centre and is always on UIDAI servers. The UIDAI has two data centres, one at Bengaluru in Karnataka and another at Manesar in Haryana. The Bangalore data centre is the city’s first blast, flood and earthquake-proof building. The home ministry had sanctioned a Central Industrial Security Force squad to guard the highly sensitive data centre.

Anchor & Producer: Kriti
Camera: Jitendra & Ajendra
Camera Assistant: Pradeep
Video Editor: Saif

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