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Sansad TV Special Report: Indian Naval Academy - Cradle of Leadership | 26 May, 2023

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संWhen it comes to ensuring the safety of the nation, naval forces are the epitome of strength and tenacity. The Naval academy prepares cadets to become professional officers of competence, character, and compassion. The vision of the Academy is to transform aspiring young men and women into technologically proficient, articulate, self-disciplined and physically fit junior Naval leaders, who are resilient in the face of every challenge, self-assured in any company, and deeply imbued with the Naval Core Values of Duty, Honour and Courage. Derived from this vision, technical education, physical fitness, morals and values, and grooming and mentoring have been identified as core training areas at the INA. The ab-initio training imparted at the Academy ensures that every officer who passes out through its portals will be a leader, worthy of the trust and confidence that the nation reposes in him or her. It also establishes bridges of friendship across the oceans by training cadets from friendly foreign countries. The Motto of the INA is “Shaping Future Naval Leadership…” with the three dots signifying the unending feature of this mission.

Anchor/ Producer- Kriti
Video Editor- Fahad

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