Sansad TV Special Report: G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meet: Focus on Unity | 14 March, 2023

Sansad TV
What happened in the room of G20 Foreign Ministers’ meeting? We all have heard that due to differences over Russia Ukraine conflict, there was no joint communique after G20 foreign ministers meet. But many more things had happened inside the room! This special report is based on what happened in the room inside presidential complex or India where g20 Foreign Minsters’ meet took place inside the Presidential complex of India on 1-2 March, 2023, how India navigated through the differences of member countries, and what were the issues that became the buzzword for the coming future of G20 deliberations. This virtually set the agenda of G20 for many more years to come!!

Reporter/anchor/script/production: Akhilesh Suman

Video editor: Saif Khan

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