Sansad TV Special Report: Foreign Policy 2023 | 31 December, 2022

Sansad TV
When in 2022 the world was recovering from the adverse impact of Covid 19 pandemic, it was the Russia-Ukraine war that threw the world in a precarious situation. India got the Presidency of G20 and SCO for 2023. Now in 2023, what is in store for Indian diplomacy and how it will play its card to showcase itself as a peacemaker and how it will intervene as a constructive interlocutor of the world economy are big questions. In this special report, our correspondent Akhilesh Suman presents foreign policy projections of Indian diplomacy.

Anchor/Producer: Akhilesh Suman
Video editor: Anil Burnwal
Graphics: Shweta
Voice over: Rajiv Kumar Singh
Production support: Priya Baid

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