Sansad TV Special Report: Directive Principles of State Policy | 08 January, 2023

Sansad TV
The founding fathers of the Indian Constitution were aware of the fact that an Independent Indian State was going to face many challenges. After colonial rule for almost two hundred years, the country was left with widespread poverty, hunger and with deep rooted socio-economic inequalities. The framers of the Constitution felt that certain policy directions, guidelines or instructions for the governance of the country were required to handle these problems. Legislatures, executive and administration of Independent India were expected to exercise their powers in accordance with the direction and guidelines given in this part of the Constitution. Directive Principles are certain ideals, particularly aiming at socio-economic justice, which according to the framers of the Constitution, Indian State should strive for.

Anchor/ Producer- Kriti
Video Editor- Shahid

Music Courtesy: Epicness cleanmindsounds

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