Sansad TV Special Report: Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, India region, Zone III

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The 19th CPA Zone III Conference was hosted by Sikkim Legislative Assembly. The Chairperson of the CPA India Region, Om Birla, Speaker of the Lok Sabha inaugurated the conference. Delivering the inaugural address, speaker Om Birla said that the legislature, as a forum to solve people’s problems, must be the centre of unhindered debate sans disruption which will increase peoples’ faith in democratic institutions, thereby strengthening our democracy. He emphasized on discussion and dialogue, observing that it is the biggest strength of democracy.
Speaking on the economic potential of the northeastern states, Speaker Om Birla said that there are huge possibilities in the field of tourism, renewable energy, organic farming and handicrafts. He also emphasised on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s focus on the North East through projects under Gatishakti, Prime Minister’s Development Initiative for North East Region and multimodal connectivity, among others, which has transformed the vision of Look East to Act East.

Anchor- Kriti
Video Editor- Shahid
Camera- Ratul, Sanghmitra
Camera Assistant- Dhananjay

Music Courtesy: Epic Cinematic Inspiring Trailer Alex Che

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