Sansad TV Special Report: Committee on Petitions | 26 February, 2023

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Petitioning Parliament is one of the basic rights of every citizen.
It is the most effective way an individual can directly place grievances before Parliament.
The Committee on Petitions is one of the oldest Committees of the Upper House and dates back to the Legislatives Assembly of the pre-Independence era. The Committee’s Reports to the House are on diverse subjects from the re-organisation of the States; pollution of air and river water caused by industry to the grant of Dearness Allowance to pensioners
The reports have also dealt with the revision of pay scales of school teachers…. problems faced by students, various categories of handicapped persons, women, weavers, tobacco growers, tribals and fruit and vegetable growers

Anchor- Kriti
Video Editor- Shahid

Music Courtesy: Epic Cinematic Inspiring Trailer Alex Che
: War Orchestraman
: Indie Upbeat Motivate I.D. (Ilyas)

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