Sansad TV Special Report: Cheetah Returns | 17 Sept, 2022

Sansad TV

This Special Report brings out a detailed timeline on Cheetahs extinction to their reintroduction. Over 70 years after it went extinct in India, 8 Cheetahs were reintroduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kuno National Park, Madhya Pradesh on September 17. The introduction of Cheetahs in India is being done under Project Cheetah, which is the world’s first inter-continental large wild carnivore translocation project.

1- Bivash Ranjan, ADG, Forests, MoEFCC
2- Ashok Pai, Fmr. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Uttarakhand
3- Chandra Prakash Goyal, Director General of Forests & Special Secretary, MoEFCC
4- Dr. MK Ranjitsinh Jhala, Wildlife Conservationist
5- Vijay Bedi- Wildlife Filmmaker

Producer & Anchor: Bhawna Nayar
Production: Sanjay Kumar
Video Editor: Vikash Bhardwaj
Camera: Mahaveer Singh, Prashanta Karmakar
Camera Assistant: Pradeep
Reporter: Priya Baid
Graphics: Roohi, Mayuri, Amit
Voice: Isha Shah

Video Courtesy: Bedi Universal

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