Samvaad: Brij Lal, Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs | 13 November, 2023

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Reports on the three bills which seek to replace the criminal and procedural laws were submitted to Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar on Friday by BRIJ LAL, Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs.

As regards Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, number of sections have been reduced from 511 in IPC to 356; and Chapters from 23 to 19. Twenty-four sections have been deleted; twenty-two have been added; and a large number of sections have been re-arranged. In contrast to the IPC, the BNS is more structured and a variety of outdated British era colonial provisions have also been removed. In the CrPC there are 484 Sections, whereas there are 533 Clauses in the BNSS. It proposes changes in 160 sections, addition of 9 new sections and deletion of 9 others in comparison to CrPC. With regard to the Bharatiya Sakshya Bill, 2023, 4 sections which contain colonial references and other outdated procedures have been deleted. The Bill now contains 170 clauses as compared to 167 sections in the Indian Evidence Act, 1872.


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