Perspective - AI: Ethical Conundrum | 12 April, 2023

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Artificial Intelligence is a top emerging technology with applications across industries and implications for our society. AI is a collective term for computer systems that can sense their environment, think, learn, and take action in response to what they’re sensing and their objectives. Forms of AI in use today include digital assistants, chatbots and machine learning amongst others. The global AI industry is thriving. In 2021, AI global funding doubled to $66.8 billion. Each year, more and more companies and governments worldwide are adopting AI solutions. However simultaneously concerns have been raised by experts on the ethical aspect of development and use of AI. Recently Twitter chief, Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak along with several other prominent names have signed an open letter calling for a six-month pause on the development of artificial intelligence systems that are more powerful than GPT-4.In India the govt has recently informed Parliament that to address the ethical concerns and potential risks associated with AI, various central and state government departments and agencies have commenced efforts to standardize responsible AI development, use and promote the adoption of best practices.

1- Subimal Bhattacharjee, Cyber Security Expert
2- Mausam, Professor of Computer Science, IIT Delhi
3- Jaspreet Bindra, Founder, Tech Whisperer Limited
4- K Yatish Rajawat, CEO, Centre for Innovation in Public Policy (CIPP)
5- Divya Siddarth, Co-Director, Collective Intelligence Project (CIP)
6-Raja Chatila, Professor, Sorbonne University, France

Anchor: Vishal Dahiya
Producer:- Pardeep Kumar
Production :- Surender Sharma
Guest Team- Vishwa Pratap Singh, Anshuman
Research- Balbir Singh Gulati
PCR TEAM- Ashutosh Jha, Sanjeev Gupta, Vipin

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