Panchayat | पंचायत। रणोत्सव वाले कच्छ की पंचायत ढोरडो की अनूठी कहानी। 17 March, 2023

Sansad TV
The last village of India on the western coast of Kutch in Gujarat is Dhordo. The story of Dhordo tells us about the will powers of the Panchayat and the Sarpanch who brought about a paradigm shift to the area. How a deserted area became the global point of tourism where a tent room now commands a price of over a lakh rupees. Watch the full episode here.

Anchor, reporter, writer : Harsh Ranjan

Producer: Gayatri Bhattacharya, Raj Kumar

VT Editor: Bikas Chandra

Camera: Yogesh Agarwal

Assistant: Ram Prakash

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