National Security: National Defence Academy- Cradle of Military Leadership | 26 November, 2023

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Ever since its inception almost seven decades ago, the National Defence Academy has been standing tall as the premier foundational and joint institution of the Armed forces of india. It is, indeed, among the best in the world in developing the next generation of leaders of the Armed forces to face myriad challenges and dynamics in ensuring the defence of india and the security of her citizens, the NDA has lived up to the vision of its founding fathers and the incessant efforts of its Service and civilian instructors across all ranks. It is their collective dedication that has given the NDA its unique ethos and maintained its high standards. The bonds of friendship formed here blossom into invaluable assets in the years ahead and serve to strengthen the fabric of our Armed forces and our relations with armed forces of friendly countries. It attracts hundreds of eager, talented young people from various parts of the country. Drawn by the sparkle of uniforms and the exploits of real life heroes, the greenhorns are groomed here in leadership, courage, camaraderie, integrity and honesty.


Anchor & Producer: Kriti Mishra

Video Editor: Rohit Chandok

Camera: DK Pandey, Jitendra Negi

Camera Assistant: Riyasat Ali


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