National Security: Border Security Force | 03 December, 2023

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BSF is entrusted with security of Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh borders. Raised on 1st December 1965 after the Indo-Pakistan War, BSF is a unique Force with distinctly defined War-time as well as Peace-time roles and successfully proved its mettle in accomplishing every task assigned

in times of War, Peace and No-War-No-Peace situation. BSF has 193 Battalions including 4 Disaster Management Battalions, with a strength of more than 2.65 lakh brave men and women. Till 1965 India’s border with Pakistan were manned by the State Armed Police Battalion. On 09th April, 1965 Pakistan attacked Sardar Post, Chhar Bet and Beria Bet in Kutch. This exposed the inadequacy of the State Armed Police to cope with armed aggression due to which the Government of India felt the need for a specialized centrally controlled Border Security Force, which would be armed and trained to man the International Border with Pakistan. As a result of the recommendations of the Committee of Secretaries, the Border Security Force came into existence on 01st Dec 1965, with Shri K F Rustamji,IP as the first chief and founding father.


Anchor & Producer: Kriti Mishra

Video Editor: Rohit Chandok

Camera: DK Pandey, Saroj Das

Camera Assistant: Kaushal, Lal Mohar


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