Make in India: Unleashing the Potential of Renewable Energy in India | 18 November, 2023

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India’s announcement that it aims to reach net zero emissions by 2070 and to meet fifty percent of its electricity requirements from renewable energy sources by 2030 is a hugely significant moment for the global fight against climate change. India has made impressive strides in the renewable energy sector, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the global renewable energy market. Thanks to central government policies and initiatives, technological advancements, and significant foreign investments, India has witnessed remarkable growth in renewable energy capacity. The scale of transformation in India is stunning. Its economic growth has been among the highest in the world over the past two decades, lifting of millions of people out of poverty. Every year, India adds a city the size of London to its urban population, involving vast construction of new buildings, factories and transportation networks. Coal and oil have so far served as bedrocks of India’s industrial growth and modernisation, giving a rising number of Indian people access to modern energy services. This includes adding new electricity connections for 50 million citizens each year over the past decade. Despite the fact that the nation consists of over 17% of the world population, it only accounts for about 5% of global emissions. India’s sheer size and its huge scope for growth means that its energy demand is set to grow by more than that of any other country in the coming decades. In a pathway to net zero emissions by 2070, we estimate that most of the growth in energy demand this decade would already have to be met with low-carbon energy sources.


Anchor/Producer: Kriti

Video Editor: Ali

Camera: D K Pandey


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