Make in India: India’s Infrastructure Revolution | 17 September, 2023

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The infrastructure sector acts as a catalyst for India’s economic growth as it drives the growth of the allied sectors like townships, housing, built-up infrastructure, and construction development projects. India is experiencing a blitzkrieg upgrade in its infrastructure, driven by increased government investment and development initiatives.

There are significant advancements in India’s transportation networks, including roads, railways, aviation, and waterways, and their impact on the country’s economic growth. These infrastructure developments aim to enhance connectivity, reduce logistics costs, and position India as a global economic powerhouse. The National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) for FY 2019-25 is a first-of-its-kind, whole-of-government exercise to provide world-class infrastructure to citizens and improving their quality of life.


Anchor & Producer: Kriti

Video Editor: Chandan, Ali

Camera: Jitendra

Camera Assistant: Bhartveer


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