Governor | राज्यपाल | Ravindra Narayan Ravi, Governor of Tamil Nadu | 01 October, 2023

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Born in Patna in Bihar, RN Ravi did his Masters in Physics in 1974. After a brief stint in journalism joined the Indian Police Service in 1976 and was allotted the Kerala Cadre. He served in Kerala in various capacities. While serving in the Central Bureau of Investigation he led several anti-corruption crusades against organised criminal gangs including the mining mafias in the country. In the Intelligence Bureau he served largely in theatres of insurgencies and violence including in the Jammu & Kashmir, the North East and the Maoist infected regions. He has played crucial roles in conflict resolutions in areas affected with ethnic insurgencies and brought several armed rebel groups into peace. He was the architect of India’s international cooperation in counter terrorism and intelligence sharing. After retirement from Government service in 2012, he wrote regular columns in national dailies. He was appointed as the Chairman of Joint Intelligence Committee in the Prime Minister’s Office.  He was appointed as the Centre’s Interlocutor for the Naga peace talks in August 2014. Soon all the rebel armed groups signed agreements for a settlement which ushered in ear of peace in Nagaland and the rest of the North-East India. He was appointed as Deputy National Security Advisor in October 2018. He served as the Governor of Nagaland from 01st August 2019 till 16 th September 2021. He has been appointed as the Governor of Tamil Nadu by the Hon’ble President of India and assumed the office as 26th Governor of Tamil Nadu on 18th September 2021.


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