Bharat Ek Soch: India@75 | Padma Bhushan Bachendri Pal, First Indian women to climb Everest

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The lady who scripted her name in golden letters by standing at the peak of the Mount Everest back in 1984 and she never concluded her journey to achieve something broader and extraordinary in life. No need to guess, we are indeed talking about Mrs. Bachendri Pal, India’s first female mountaineer who summitted the Mount Everest crossing plethora of circumventions and leading her way ahead to script a world record.
With her extraordinary summit to the Mount Everest, Bachendri became an inspiration for every girl and her story, a legend to follow with her undefeated spirit and “Never say die” attitude. The whole nation enchanted her name, and there were her talks amongst every discussion. As it is well said that success comes to many but sustain with a few who can maintain it and Bachendri was amongst them. Post her historical summit to the Mount Everest; she didn’t take a pause. Instead, she determined her way to encourage people imparting adventurous sports especially women.

In 1993, Bachendri led an “Indo-Nepalese Women’s Mount Everest Expedition” team that included only women and reached the summit setting a benchmark for Indian mountaineering. The following year, she participated in “The Great Indian Women’s Rafting Voyage”, the pioneer journey of women rafters from Haridwar to Calcutta through the Ganges measuring 2155 km. in 39 days. In 1997, she attempted successfully the “First Indian Women Trans-Himalayan Expedition” along with 7 female mountaineers to trek from Arunachal Pradesh to the Siachen Glacier, reaching the northernmost tip of the nation at the height of 20,100 ft (6,126.5 m), surpassing 40 high Mountain passes. This was the first successful attempt by any country and the proud history of the nation.

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