Arthniti | अर्थनीति : Global Biofuel Alliance | 30 September, 2023

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Global Biofuels Alliance watershed moment in the quest towards sustainability and clean energy


Brazil, India, and the United States, as leading biofuel producers and consumers, will work together during the next few months towards the development of a Global Biofuels Alliance along with other interested countries. This Alliance will be aimed at facilitating cooperation and intensifying the use of sustainable biofuels, including in the transportation sector. It will place emphasis on strengthening markets, facilitating global biofuels trade, development of concrete policy lesson-sharing and provision of technical support for national biofuels programs worldwide. It will also emphasize the already implemented best practices and success cases.


We discuss all perspectives of Global Biofuels Alliance,GBL in our Show Arthniti with panels of eminent guests



  1. Dr. Nagesh Kumar, Director and Chief Executive of the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID), Co-Chairs G20 Task Force
  2. Dr Avinash K Agarwal, Professor. Department of Mechanical Engineering IIT Kanpur


Producer: Surender Kumar

Anchor: Pratibimb Sharma


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