Arthniti | अर्थनीति । छोटी बचत योजनाओं के जादूई लाभ। कब, कहां, कितना निवेश करें | 14 April, 2023

Sansad TV
Government has increased the rate of interest on small saving schemes. Which scheme gives how much return? Which scheme will suit you considering your age and earning profile? How much percentage of your earnings should go into investments and how to manage your investment folio? Watch full episode here with distinguished panel of guests.

Anchor: Harsh Ranjan,

1. A S Bhal, Former Principal Economic Advisor, Govt. of India
2. Prof. Ashok Vishandass, Applied Economics, IIPA

Producer: Surender Kumar
Guest Relations: Deepti Vashisht, Manoj Gupta

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