Abhinav Pahal | NALC | Excellence in Public Administration | Best Civil Servants | Ep 12

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Government of India has instituted a scheme in 2006 namely, “The Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Administration” – to acknowledge, recognize and reward the extraordinary and innovative work done by Districts/ Organizations of the Central and State Governments. The Scheme was restructured in 2014 for recognizing the performance of District Collectors in Priority Programs, Innovations and Aspirational Districts. The Scheme was restructured again in 2020, to recognize the performance of District Collectors towards economic development of the District. The Scheme has been revamped with a new approach in 2021 with the objective to encourage Constructive Competition, Innovation, Replication and Institutionalisation of Best Practices.Under this approach emphasis would be on good governance, qualitative achievement and last mile connectivity, rather than only on achievement of quantitative targets.



1- सनी के. सिंह, डीसी, चांगलांग

2- धर्मेंद्र, मुख्य सचिव, अरुणाचल प्रदेश

3- अगम दाओ, लाभार्थी छात्र


Producer: Gyanendra Trivedi, Ekta Mishra

Coordination: Mohd. Fateh Tipu

Anchor: Preeti Singh


Production Crew:

Panel: Ashutosh Jha

Online Switcher: Sanjeev Gupta

Playout: Hem Joshi

Camera: Kawaljeet Lekhi, Nilesh Pandey, Rakesh Mishra, Braja Sundar Raut

Audio: A. Shivakumar, Rakesh Nayak

Editor: Jaspal Singh

Graphics: Roohi

Research: Dr Nigam Jha

Cam Asstt: Lalmohar, Dhannajay


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