75 Years - Laws that Shaped India: The FCRA Act, 2010 | Episode - 02

The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act came
into being originally in 1976 to largely gauge and safeguard the societal, community, political, economic, and religious domains from the foreign interests, their impact, and interference. This law was slightly tweaked in 1984 by making the registration of the organisations engaged in non-profit activities as mandatory for being eligible to receive any foreign funding. The Act was then passed in the Lok Sabha on 21 st September 2010 and in the
Rajya Sabha on 23 rd September 2010. The Act received the assent of the President on 26 th September 2010, and it came into force on 1 st May, 2011.

Anchor: Hemant Batra

1- Vikas Singh, Sr. Advocate & Former Additional Solicitor General of India
2- Shardul S Shroff, Corporate Lawyer

Producer: Bhawna Nayar

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